Adventure World Challenges: Everything you need to know

If you're up for some repetitive work in Adventure World, you'll want to take a look at the new Challenge feature that has been launched in the game. You can access these challenges by clicking on the trophy in the bottom right corner of the gameplay screen. These challenges are given different levels and time limits, so you'll earn better and better prizes as you earn more and more points.

For example, one challenge is called Snake Tamer, and it has four levels of scores and prizes. For each snake you kill, you'll earn points. You'll have a four day time period to kill as many as possible. If you can earn a score of 10 points, you'll receive 250 coins and some XP. If you can make it to 25 points, you'll receive 5 Snake Bait. Earn 100 points and you'll double that prize to 10 Snake Baits and finally, if you can earn a whopping 500 points in just four days, you can earn the Bullwhip.

For another challenge called Friend to Many, you'll be rewarded for hiring friends as crew members within Expeditions or main story quests. This isn't simply for asking friends to be on your crew, it's for actually hiring them once you get them back into your game. The first level comes at just three friends, and it gives you 250 coins and some XP. For hiring 10 friends, you'll receive two Bonus Crew. At 25 points, you'll receive 5 Bonus Crew, and finally, at 150 points you'll receive the Efficient Crew bonus. You have six days to accumulate as many points as you can for this particular challenge.

As more and more challenges are added to the game, we'll make sure to let you know, but for now, start killing snakes and hiring all of the friends you can to earn these rewards in your own game!

What do you think of these two challenges? Do you routinely hire friends anyway, or will you now start to complete this challenge? Sound off in the comments.