The Sims Social partners with Wendy's for free W Burgers


First, we saw Dunkin' Donuts items being released in the Sims Social on Facebook and now we see a new promotion taking place between EA / Playfish and Wendy's to advertise the restaurant's new W Burger. Everyone is eligible for a free W Burger in the Sims Social, but you'll need to watch a video first. The video is found underneath the Sims Social gameplay area, and launches in a pop-up window.

When you've watched the video, you'll receive a free W Burger back in the game which can be "eaten" by your Sim to receive a +3 energy boost. This is important, as the video is only 15 seconds long, but can be watched multiple times to receive multiple W Burgers for your Sim! The catch to all of this? The promotion seems to be a bit... glitched (to put it lightly) as of this writing. That is, some users are receiving the W Burgers and others aren't, even if they've watched the entire video and refreshed their game for good measure.

We've reached out to Playfish to see what the problem is, and will make sure to update this space when we know more. In the meantime, keep checking back with this promotion in your own game to see if the kinks are ever worked out.

Have you been able to claim any free W Burgers in the Sims Social, or are you stuck waiting for the glitches to be worked out? Sound off in the comments.