The Sims Social: Claim your free 2012 Balloons before it's too late

If you've already claimed (and perhaps spent) your free 2,012 Simoleons being given away this week in the Sims Social, but still want more New Year's Eve fun in your game, make sure to head over the game's Facebook page, as you can now claim a free set of balloons, decorated with numbers that create 2012 in their design.

Technically, this set of balloons is called the "2012 Balloons Silver" (let's face it, item naming has never been the game's strong suit), and when you claim some for your own game, you'll find that they're worth 500 Simoleons (only 50 if you actually try to sell them), and add $350 of value to your home.

As with most items, this one comes with a universal link, so if you can't find the post on the game's official fan page, you can claim your free balloons by clicking right here. Make sure to keep checking back with us as the new year begins, as we'll make sure to let you know when other interesting items are up for grabs for free in the Sims Social (and beyond!).

Will you claim your free set of 2012 Balloons in the Sims Social? Sound off in the comments.