CityVille Happy New Year Goals: Everything you need to know

It's the last day of 2011, and that means big things in CityVille on Facebook. A new set of three goals has launched in the game today, offering you a way to end 2011 with a bang, and bring in 2012 with an even bigger one! The town is ready for a party, and you'll need to set it up. Your ultimate reward for doing so if the New Year's Eve Party Spot, a home with a whopping 1,500 population!

Happy New Year!

  • Complete the New Year's Museum Party

  • Ask friends for 12 Sparklers

  • Gather 40 New Year's Hats

Hats are earned by collecting rent from residences, while Sparklers are earned by posting a general news item on your wall. Finally, the New Year's Museum Party is a large new item that takes 10 energy to build. Once the base has been constructed, you'll need to collect 25 building ingredients:

  • 5 Bowtie

  • 5 Opera Gloves

  • 5 NYE Ticket

  • 5 Driver's Hat

  • 5 Red Carpet

The Bowties, NYE Tickets and Driver's Hats are earned through general news posts on your wall, while the Opera Gloves and Red Carpets come from individual requests sent out to friends. You'll need to finish this building before being able to finish the first goal, but when you do you'll receive 20 energy as a reward.

Be My Guest!

  • Ask for 15 VIP Bracelets

  • Collect from 20 Cars

  • Visit 40 Neighbors

Unfortunately, this goal requires you to have completed either the Garage or the Custom Car Shop to enable cars to actually drive on your roads. This wouldn't be such a big deal if you could work on these goals infinitely, but I wouldn't expect these goals to last that long. Either way, the VIP Bracelets come from a general wall post. When you finish this post, you'll receive 300 XP.

Ring in the New Year!

  • Collect 40 2012 Glasses

  • Harvest 3 Times from your Museum Party

The 2012 Glasses come from collecting from Community Buildings. You won't receive one for each building you collect from, so you might need to spend a couple of days on this task (or pay City Cash to speed your way through). When you finish this third goal, you'll receive the NYE Party Spot we spoke of earlier: a large home that offers 1,500-3,000 citizens to your town. As of this writing, the building is only available through completing these goals, so if you want that massive population boost, make sure to complete them all in your town!

What do you think of these New Year's Eve goals in CityVille? What do you think of the large home as the final reward for this series? Is it worth it? Sound off in the comments.