How Large We Live: Average Home Sizes Across the U.S.

average home size
average home size

A common misconception is that big homes go hand in hand with big list prices. But a closer look at some of the best-known cities in the country reveals that size is far from the only factor impacting your wallet.

Sure, the quintessential enclaves of privilege, like Beverly Hills and Malibu, are typically larger in terms of square footage. But there are other popular hotspots which offer ample living space without the giant price tags. Take Atlanta, for example: the average home is an impressive 2,074 square feet, but the median home price comes in around $150,000, according to Zillow estimates. And then of course you have the gritty Gothams of America -- pricey, dense cities where big price tags come in small packages. Think shoebox chic in New York City.

Using statistics provided by PropertyShark and listings form, we've compiled a list of five cities that boast some of the nation's largest average home sizes along with five of the smallest. We've also provided each town's median home price, as calculated by Zillow, for frame of reference.

If you've ever wondered how the rest of the country lives, take a walking tour of some of the most popular metro areas in the gallery above.