Cafe World Ice Sculpture: Everything you need to know

If you're still playing Cafe World, you might have been fairly overwhelmed this holiday season with all of the Winterfest events that were launched. Unfortunately, the holidays aren't over quite yet, as a 2012 New Year's Bash has started in the game, giving you a chance to build a new Ice Sculpture in your cafe (among many other tasks).

The Ice Sculpture's frame is given to you for free when logging into your cafe. You'll need to collect a few building materials to put it together:

  • 14 Cider Flutes

  • 10 Invitations

  • 12 Sparkling Cider

  • 14 Tables

The Cider Flutes and Sparkling Cider are earned through general news posts on your wall, while the Invitations and Tables are earned by sending out individual requests to friends. When the Ice Sculpture has been completed, you'll receive 2,000 Party Points for your overall score. In this New Year's Bash event, you'll complete Daily Challenges and ask your friends to join your own game for the party, with all of these activities giving you more Party Points. As you earn Party Points, you'll get that much closer to unlocking a 4X Lightning Stove for your cafe. Otherwise, the Ice Sculpture is just a neat limited edition item that doesn't seem to have a real purpose after the New Year's Bash event itself ends.

Good luck earning as many of the prizes in this event as possible!

What do you think of the New Year's Bash event in Cafe World? Let us know in the comments.