The Sims Social Happy New Year Walkthrough: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Happy New Year
The Sims Social Happy New Year

It's time to raise your glasses a tad early in The Sims Social. New Year's Eve approaches, and Playfish has, of course, chose to celebrate in no other way than with a themed quest series. Simply titled "Happy New Year," this series contains five smaller quests for players to complete within the next week.

However, this quest might be a bit more challenging than you're used to. You'll need at least four friends, 4 Social Points, 8 Goodwill, a PC, a Karate Mat and your Mail Box. Already, the requirements sound a bit ... weird. (What in the world could a Karate Mat have to do with this?) The carrot on the stick? A SupaHapiTime Disco Globe for your Sim.

The Sims Social Happy New Year 1
The Sims Social Happy New Year 1

Happy New Year Part One

  • Email a Sim

  • Find 5 Sims' Lost Items

To email a Sim, use your Sim's PC and choose the option "Email About Lost Things." For the second requirement, visit five friends' houses and choose the "Find Lost Items" option when clicking on various objects.

The Sims Social Happy New Year 2
The Sims Social Happy New Year 2

Happy New Year Part Two

  • Become Inspired

  • Mail a Resolution out to a Friend

  • Tell 2 Different Sims about Resolution

To become inspired, all you need to do is completely fulfill all of your Sim's basic needs. Then, send your Sim to its Mailbox and choose to pick a resolution and send out the News Feed. Finally, visit two of your friends' Sims and choose the option "Tell About Resolution" while talking to them.

The Sims Social Happy New Year 3
The Sims Social Happy New Year 3

Happy New Year Part Three

  • Pick 5 Different Healthy Food Options

  • Use the Karate Mat 3 Times

  • Tell 4 Sims That You Work Out

To pick the five different Healthy Food Options, interact with any fridge or food item and choose the relevant option--these could be either yours or your friends'. The Karate Mat was available in a previous theme, but Bella has one at her house that you can use to complete this task. Telling four different Sims that you work out is as simple as visiting them and choosing the option. Save time by completing the first and third tasks while in the same Sims' houses.

The Sims Social Happy New Year 4
The Sims Social Happy New Year 4

Happy New Year Part Four

  • Have 8 Goodwill

  • Send E-Cards

  • Do Friendly Things for 5 Sims

To get the Goodwill, all you need to do is perform friendly actions, such as repairing broken items or perform friendly interactions when talking to other Sims. Sending the e-Cards is as simple as choosing the option on your Sim's PC. That final goal ties in with the first rather nicely, so try to complete them both at once.

The Sims Social Happy New Year 5
The Sims Social Happy New Year 5

Happy New Year Part Five

  • Play Prank on 4 Different Sims

  • Get 8 Greasy Food

  • Have or Equip Slob Trait

To prank four different Sims, you'll have to visit them and choose the negative options on their various items within their house. However, you may need to be in a neutral or negative relationship with these friends to make it happen. The eight Greasy Food comes from friend help requests.

The Slob Trait, if you don't already have it, requires 170 Lifetime Points. Access the Traits menu from the bottom right corner of your game screen. If you don't have room for it, spend 20 Lifetime Points to deactivate one and replace it. For your troubles, enjoy a nifty disco ball, which we're gonna guess is a dance item. Let your Sim dance into 2012, but remember to do some dancing yourself.

[Source: The Sims Social Fansite]

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