The Sims Social: Claim your free 2,012 Simoleons to kick off a new year

Well, isn't that clever? Sims Social developer Playfish is offering players 2,012 free Simoleons to use on... well, whatever they'd like by simply clicking on a link going around in an email this week. The email advertises the game's Happy New Year theme of items, but gives you a standard link to provide you with your free money whether you've even played the game recently or not.

What will you spend your money on? Well, you can splurge on some "AttheParty" chairs in the New Year's Eve theme proper, or you could even use that money to help you open up a new land expansion in your game. After all, with so many new items being released every week in the game's store, you can always use more space to actually hold it all, right?

For the record, if you haven't received the email containing these free Simoleons, you can click on this link right here to claim them manually. If the link doesn't work for you, it could be expired, but we'll make sure to update this space if we see that's the case.

What will you spend your free 2,012 Simoleons on? Are you saving up for a larger purchase that this won't cover, or will you immediately go on a shopping spree? Sound off in the comments.
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