Pioneer Trail New Year Resolutions: Everything you need to know

As you work to complete the New Year Hoedown building and goals in Pioneer Trail, take a second to plan ahead for another goal series being released this week: New Year Resolutions. This goal series is open to users level 15 and above and must be accepted before January 31. You must have the New Year Hoedown building completed to finish this goal series, so do as much as you can there before diving into this set. Adding one more element (a difficult one at that) to this feature is your time limit. You'll have seven days to complete these goal once you choose to start them in your game.

Resolution: Dress to Impress

  • Harvest 80 Red Roses

  • Tend 100 Sheep on your Homestead

  • Craft 3 Unfinished Red Dresses

The Unfinished Red Dresses are crafted using Plain Red Dresses (which themselves must be crafted) and 12 Black Lace sections each (Red Lace is earned by asking your friends to send some to you). When you finish this goal, you'll receive a Lacy Red Dress, three Fast Hand Boosts and a Fanny Crate.

Resolution: Help Dog with his Resolution

  • Clear 30 Debris on your Homestead or a Neighbor's

  • Harvest 200 Peppermint Trees

  • Craft 2 Pet Care Packages

This instance of crafting requires three Pet Cart Kits and four Claw Clippers (ask your friends) to create a single Pet Care Package. Since you have to craft two, this one might take you quite a while as you wait for your friends to send you items. Finishing this goal gives you 2,012 XP, 5 Ox Ready Boosts and a Mystery Animal Crate.

Resolution: Bess' Best Friend

  • Harvest 100 White Roses

  • Turn in 1 Apple Tree Collection

  • Ask for 20 Friendship Trinkets

Reward: Horse Gate, 2,012 coins and Bess' Crate.

Resolution: Granny Makeover

  • Get 20 Lipstick from Tending Pigs

  • Play 5 Days in a Row

  • Ask for 20 Granny's Digests

This goal is actually fairly simple. You'll have the five days to ask for those Granny Digests from friends, as you must login to the game five days in a row anyway, removing some of the rush. When you finish this last resolution goal, you'll receive 2,012 XP, five Pig Boosts and an Exercise Crate.

If more resolution goals are introduced between now and the end of this event in Pioneer Trail, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of these goals? Which of the resolutions do you think will be the easiest to complete? Sound off in the comments.