Pioneer Trail New Year Hoedown: Everything you need to know

Hank and Fanny are back on the Homestead in Pioneer Trail, just in time to ring in the new year. They're determined to celebrate in style too, and they'll need your help to build a New Year Hoedown pavilion and complete some goals in the process. The Hoedown starts as a basic wooden frame (requiring eight whacks and 64 Wood to place) and needs to be built up using various building materials:

10 Decorative Haybales
10 Festive Lights
10 Fine-Tuned Fiddles
15 Dancin' Boards
15 Shiny Floor Wax
15 Stompin' Boots

The first three items are earned through general news posts placed on your wall, while the latter three come from individual requests sent out to friends. The Hoedown Stage offers you the chance to craft some festive New Year's Eve decorations, and will also introduce you to a series of four goals that can be completed for some rather nice prizes. Here's a look at those.

Settin' the Stage
  • Place the New Year's Hoedown Stage
  • Buy 10 Dinners
  • Harvest 40 Potatoes

This first goal is rather simple, but you'll earn 2,010 XP, a Spiffy Chicken and a Lemon Tree for completing it.

The Stage is Set
  • Harvest 50 White Roses
  • Clobber 2 Groundhogs
  • Harvest 40 Apple Trees

Again, a fairly straightforward goal (just make sure to clobber any groundhogs you see before you start harvesting the White Roses, as they'll likely bring out your second), that rewards you with 2,012 coins, 5 White Rose Boosts and 5 Unwither Crops boosts for finishing it.

Light the Way
  • Chop Oak Trees 40 Times
  • Visit 5 Neighbors
  • Craft 4 Party Torches

Here is where things start to get a bit complicated. You'll need to finish the Hoedown Stage and then craft Fire Sticks using Big Oak Sticks (chop Oak trees) and Long Candlewicks (ask your friends). Only after you've crafted a Fire Stick can that be combined with three Burnin' Fuels (ask your friends for those too) to create a single Party Torch. This one's a fairly time consuming goal, but when you finish it, you'll receive 2,012 XP, a Social Crate and 5 Fast Hand Boosts.

Happy New Year
  • Harvest 60 Corn
  • Collect 2 Bonuses from New Year's Hoedown
  • Craft 5 Decorative Party Poppers

Here's another complex goal, as you'll need to craft the Decorative Party Poppers using traditional Party Poppers which themselves need to be crafted. Each Party Popper requires five Black Powder and three Decorative Paper, while a Decorative Party Popper requires two basic Party Poppers and three Gold Ribbons (that's for a single one). This is an even more complex goal than the last, but the rewards are equally hefty: a Party Pig, Gussied Up Goose and Book of Experience. Whenever you use this Book of Experience, you'll automatically jump up an in-game level.

This won't be the last we see of the New Year's Eve event in Pioneer Trail, and we'll make sure to bring you further coverage surrounding other new features just as soon as we can.

Are you excited to build this new structure in Pioneer Trail, or are you still trying to complete the game's many Christmas tasks? Sound off in the comments.
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