Orville Redenbacher's Facebook advergame makes us really hungry

Pop Cam
Pop Cam

Seriously, and we just ate breakfast. Orville Redenbacher's gourmet popcorn company has launched a Facebook advergame called Pop Cam. The game allows players with a webcam to catch flying virtual kernels of popcorn with their mouths. You mean to say this game involved no mindless clicking whatsoever? Alright then, you have our attention.

ConAgra Foods (parent company to Orville Redenbacher's) manager of interactive marketing Jonas Paretzkin told Direct Marketing News that the goal of the project "is really to engage consumers in a deeper way with the intrinsic health benefits of popcorn. Popcorn as a snack isn't really top of mind these days for consumers, so we wanted to make sure popcorn became top of mind again."

In other words, yes, this is totally an advergame. But don't write it off just yet, like you would most advertisements in gamey disguise. Pop Cam, developed by digital agency Possible Worldwide, is at least something different. In fact, it's nothing like any Facebook game we've ever seen. When players load up the game, no authorization or email verification is needed, but Pop Cam will need to access your webcam.

Then, it's time to calibrate your mouth. (Never in my career will I get the opportunity to write that sentence again.) Finally, you'll literally attempt to capture falling kernels of popcorn with your mouth, and it's tough. Players can share the photo the game takes in their popcorn-fetching glory with their friends.

We've seen advergames use the webcam in fun ways before--remember the Tron interactive ... app?--but not in a way that's so engaging. Send this one around the office to ensure no one gets anything done for about 20 minutes.

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