CityVille Moscow Mansion: Everything you need to know


The newest "Wonder" has been announced in CityVille, and this one's a biggie: The Great Pyramids. Of course, you can't simply build the Great Pyramids in your city (that would be far too convenient); instead, you'll need to go through three lengthy side-quests of sorts to eventually unlock it. As of this writing, the only step available is to complete the Moscow Mansion, which is a large task in and of itself.

You'll need to be level 30 or higher to access this feature. The Moscow Mansion, once completed, is a home with a population ranging from 3,550 - 6,550 citizens that offers 521 coins in rent once per day. Once you place its base in your town, you'll need to complete three overall tasks:

  • Gather Parts to Unlock the Mansion

  • Upgrade the Balalaika Shop to 2 Stars

  • Master one Russian Crop to 3 Stars

First things first, the Russian Crops include Sugar Beets, Potatoes or Winter Wheat. The Balalaika Shop, meanwhile, is a business that costs 65,000 coins in the store. It requires 305 Goods to operate for a single cycle. Finally, the first task in this goal is just as time-consuming as the others, as you'll need to collect a variety of building materials to be eligible to complete the Moscow Mansion.

  • 10 Marble Sink Tops

  • 10 Plush Robes

  • 10 Luggage

  • 10 Dinner Bells

  • 10 Light Fixtures

The Marble Sink Tops, Plush Robes and Dinner Bells are earned through general news items posted to your wall, while the other two items are earned through individual gift requests sent to your CityVille neighbors asking for help. Of course, you can pay City Cash to complete any of these tasks, but keep in mind: even if you unlock the Moscow Mansion in its entirety with City Cash, you still won't be able to build the Great Pyramids Wonder in your city, as the other two steps to completing it have yet to be released.

Speaking of the Great Pyramids, the finished product will give you a 10X payout bonus to Vacation Houses, a 5x Payout Bonus to regional buildings and a 25% payout to some businesses. That's some pretty hefty incentive, but you'll definitely need to put the effort into this feature to get anything back from it. We'll make sure to let you know when more steps to unlocking the Great Pyramids are revealed!

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What do you think of this Moscow Mansion or the promises of the Great Pyramids wonder? Have you finished any similar buildings in your city, or do they require too much work to complete? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!