Today in totally adorable cat videos: A feline Fruit Ninja frenzy [Video]

Cat plays Fruit Ninja
Cat plays Fruit Ninja

And we're not talking a Puss in Boots version of Fruit Ninja Frenzy for Facebook. (Though, that would be pretty damn awesome.) This kitty in the video below is officially a season-trained fruit ninja, and decided to display its fruit-flaying prowess on an iPad. We imagine the guy who's speaking in the end of the video helped in training his cat to play Fruit Ninja.

That's because, surprisingly, the cat knows not to scratch at the bombs. Crazy, right? When we think about it, a cat would probably dominate in some sort of Fruit Ninja tournament. They have perfectly-sized hands--er, paws--in order to effectively use both at once. And those reflexes!

Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick suggested on Twitter that this might actually be the real-world incarnation of Puss in Boots. We don't know about all that, but we know that a score of 128 isn't all the bad ... for a cat. Look, this is what you get when Christmas lands on a Sunday, making the slowest news week of the year: cat videos. Totally awesome cat videos.

[Via TouchArcade]

Do you have a pet that knows how to play video games, like this little guy? (Then show us!) What's your highest score in Fruit Ninja? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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