Best 10 Sims Social houses that aren't really houses

Sims Social logoNo matter how huge, color-coordinated, or pimptastic a humble player's not-so humble abode is, there's no getting away from the fact that after looking at the 40th or 50th house in The Sims Social, it all begins to blur.

Going by 'Likes' alone, we're talking 7.2 million players out there -- and unlike the real world, every player starts off life in Littlehaven with two rooms and a yard to call his or her own -- which translates into 7.2 million homes of all shapes and sizes. Most of these are going to end up as party houses, looking like they belong in Beverly Hills or Newport, RI. That is to say, magnificent and yet, inevitably yawn-inducing.

I think it's time for something completely different. I mean, a house that actually looks like a house is just so done. Why don't we ditch the majestic estates for a grand tour of homes that are oddball, off-beat, the strangely grand, the funny, and of the refreshingly non-residential variety?

#10 "Chess" by Jean de Florette - [Source]
Sims Social chess
It's Plants vs Zombies Plushies (and piggy bank pawns) played by "Rusty Longshanks vs. Mr. Gee Nome", who rose from the obscurity of land expansion lots (you'll find them in the game as Servo Statue and Human G Gnome) to become the reigning chessmasters of the Sims.

#9 "Library Part 2" by pandababy [Source]
Sims Social Library
Books, books, and more books! The original version included a small indoor cafe and an outdoor bathroom. We'll leave it up to you guys to decide which one you like better. Oh, and for those wondering what "TU" stands for, it's the initials to the creator's university.

#8 "Labyrinth" by dragonavic - [Source]
Sims Social labyrinth
Can you say, a-maze-ing? Living like a rat in a maze ain't so bad when it comes with your own private jacuzzi. Moreover, everything you need for a fully-functioning Sims Social home is included here.

#7 "Grave of Tuyul" by Ga Laconic - [Source]
Sims Social graveyard
Commence for freak out and stand by for a quick lesson on Southeast Asian mythology -- Tuyul (also written as Toyol) is what you call a child-like spirit or goblin that's summoned using a dead baby fetus. If you think a graveyard is scary, then a graveyard full of dead babies is truly out there. But hey, nice touch on sticking the farm plots on two of the graves, right?

#6 "Baseball House" by Jedge - [Source]
Sims Social baseball
Batter up! It's puppies versus teddies at the coolest baseball field in Sims Social, even if it's the only one. The blue Skulls team, made up of Faux-Fido, currently has the field. Plumpkins Bear of the red Batman team is in the batting cage. Concessions are open. Meanwhile, zombies are coming out of the toilets. Why? Who knows! The only thing I do know is that it's a lovely day for a game.

#5 "Sensei Blu's Dojo" by Blu Bla - [Source]
Sims Social dojo
This gorgeous Japanese dojo was created by Ahmed Zidan, who resides in Egypt. You can usually find a temple next to a real dojo, and the one he's built is actually constructed out of walls sold during the game's Japan week. They cost 800-1,000 Simoleons each. Not a small amount. Factor in all the special items and you'd understand why a lot of players can't get over how expensive this place is.

#4 "Supermarket with Cafe" by rosamystica - [Source]
Sims Social cafe and market
This place is more like a motel-cum-minimart on some lonesome strip mall than a supermarket, but we'll cut the creator some slack for the concept. Just look at all the neatly arranged shelves of food and presents in the center room! It makes me want to Simify myself just to check out the goods. Also, nice bike; it really brings out that parking lot.

#3 "Park of the City" by Frozendagger - [Source]
Sims Social park
All that's missing are pigeons, squirrels, joggers, dog-walkers and baby strollers. Come to think of it, that's quite a lot. But it's unmistakably a city park, and that's all that really matters. Fun Fact: The 'waterfall' is actually the backside of the free Pogo Arcade Machine. Fun Fact Continued: Did you know that Central Park contains five man-made waterfalls?

#2 "Homeless" by tsb1978 - [Source]
Sims Social homeless
The funniest thing about this house is not that this isn't a house. Or that in a fit of irony, the creator decides on homelessness as a theme and triumphantly exclaims "live like a tramp!" for an introduction. Or that the creator's idea of homelessness still involves a desktop computer. Really, it's noticing that there's 6,553,076 Simoleons sitting untouched on the top of the screen.

#1 "Castaway" by Jedge - [Source]
Sims Social Castaway
Welcome to our vote for numero uno! Because this man is clearly rockin' that island. And that guitar. And that kiddie pool.

How's that inspiration flowing? Which Sims Social house did you find the most awesome? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment
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