The breakdown of Japanese social gamers is a lot like the U.S., actually

Japanese gamer lady
As it turns out, older women in Japan like social games just as much as they do in the states. Major Japanese social gaming companies including DeNA, GREE and Mixi have released detailed demographic information regarding their players. And, aside from a few interesting caveats, Japanese social gamers don't differ too much from their Western counterparts.

According to GREE, 53 percent of its players are women, while 34 percent of those are aged between 20 and 29 years old. Just under that is 27 percent, accounting for Japanese gamers 30 to 39 years old. GREE also breaks down its player base according to geographic location. Of course, those based in Tokyo dominated the graph, making up 34 percent of all GREE players. Following that is Kinki with 16 percent of players.
GREE gamer demographics
As for DeNA, the company has only provided aged-related data, but Serkan Toto guesses that its gender demographic split is similar. Since March 2011, a whopping 41 percent of Mobage--its mobile social game network--players are aged 30 years or older.

Japanese media publisher Enterbrain has provided its own unique demographic data of social gamers focusing on occupations. According to the company's findings, nearly 15 percent of all Japanese social gamers are housewives, followed by office workers coming in at around 13 percent. It looks like, no matter where you're from, the current crop of social games just speaks to the ladies.

[Image Credist: GREE, Kotaku]

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