Pioneer Trail Fruit Flavors Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

Continuing in the holiday trend, Pioneer Trail has received yet another timed goal this week, with this one being called Fruit Flavors. You'll need to be at least Level 15 to access this goal, which sees you helping Harrison the Candy Maker tracking down the ingredients he needs for his special holiday candy. You have all of the way up until January 31 to accept this goal on your Homestead, but once you start, you'll need to hurry as you'll only have five days to complete it. Here's what to expect from this one:

Harvest 30 Neighbor Cherry Trees
Collect 20 Lemon Extracts
Collect 20 Strawberry Essences

Hopefully, your friends have some Cherry Trees that are readily available for you on their Homesteads, rather than hidden away in storage. Even if you don't have six friends that each have five Cherry Trees available to tend, that's alright as you'll likely spend plenty of time waiting for your friends to send you the Lemon Extracts and Strawberry Essences. The Lemon Extracts come from a general news post on your wall, while the Strawberry Essences come from individual requests sent to friends.

If you can finish all three of these tasks within the five day time limit, you'll receive a Big Present (you can open it up from your inventory), 20 Candy Canes and 500 XP. With the slew of timed goals we've seen released recently, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw one or two more launch before the end of the year, or at least before the end of January. If new goals do come around, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of this Fruit Flavors Timed Goal in Pioneer Trail? Is it one of the easier goals released recently? Sound off in the comments.