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Name: Donald Harvey

Military Branch: U.S. Army

Military Rank: Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4)

Highest Level Job: Inspector General

Current Location: Alexandria, Va.

Most Recent Military Service: I served in the military for the last 29 years, my entire adult life. I joined July 13, 1982 and retired November 30, 2011. I chose to stay in the military after serving a year in Afghanistan, returning in 2007. For many reasons I wasn't ready to retire. I have two daughters and one was still in college, so it wasn't the right time to leave. I also felt I had more to give to the army. The next few years were great for career development. After returning from Afghanistan, I worked as a senior material maintenance officer, a job where I supervised 20 people and wrote operating procedures. In 2008, I was deployed with my unit to Iraq. I spent another two months away from my family.

In 2010 back home in the U.S., I was appointed to inspector general. My main duties involved conducting corporate level inspections to ensure the organizations were in compliance with army regulations.

I worked in this position for a year and four months before deciding make a change and retire. The army has always been very good to me. I have no complaints.

Job Skills: I have worked as a maintenance and logistics manager, which requires me to be a strong leader. The job requires me to be very meticulous and pay attention to detail. I'm also considered very personable and persuasive in communicating creatively customers from all cultures and economic levels.


  • B.S., Computer Science, University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, MD
  • U.S. Army Action Officer Force Integration Course, Fort Belvoir, VA
  • U.S. Army Specialized Training, The Inspector General School, Fort Belvoir, VA
  • U.S. Army Senior Management Training, Warrant Officer Senior Staff Course, Fort Rucker, AL
  • U.S. Army Staff Management Training, Warrant Officer Staff Course, Fort Rucker, AL
  • U.S. Army Senior Electronic Maintenance Management Course, Advance Electronic System Maintenance Course, Fort Gordon, GA
  • U.S. Army Electronic Maintenance Course, Basic Electronic System Maintenance Course, Ft Gordon, GA

Civilian Work Experience: None yet.

How long have you been looking for a job? I've been searching for the last 8 months. The last five months, I've dedicated myself full-time.

What sort of job are you seeking? I've decided to seek out similar positions in government agencies or private businesses. I have been looking for jobs in maintenance management or logistics management.

How is your job hunt going? I have had 12-15 interviews, but no offers yet. I would say the hunt is going OK, but nothing has worked out to a full-time job. It is a little frustrating not having an offer yet.

The army does a good job of preparing veterans when they leave the army. I took a three-day course that taught interview skills and resume writing, something I didn't have to worry about in my prior career.

What were you known for in your military group? I was known as "Chief," which is a term given to all Warrant Officers. We are technical experts in our field of expertise. Any nicknames, talents or favorite activities? I have been a softball and soccer official for 11 years and a volleyball official for three years. I was also a member of the US Ski Patrol for 10 years until moving to the DC area.

What would be your ideal work situation? I'd like to find a new role as a maintenance manager in the DC area. I'd also love to move to Seoul, Korea where my wife Sara is from.

If you wish to contact Don about a job opportunity, please email him at donhjob@gmail.com.

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