CityVille Peak Performance Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

A new winter-themed timed goal has been released in CityVille this week, so if you're above Level 22 and somehow have a lack of things to do in your game, you can now jump right in. This timed goal is a special one however, in that you'll only be able to earn the Gold reward or nothing at all. You'll have six days to do so, but just because you have been given the better part of a week doesn't make this easy.

Ask friends for 25 Ski Boots
Expand to Ski Resort
Collect from Frostdale Ridge Neighborhood 20 Times

The Frostdale Ridge Neighborhood was launched earlier this month, and it costs 20,000 coins to build. So long as you have a single home inside it, you can collect from it once that home is ready to produce rent. As for the Ski Boots, they're earned through a general news post placed on your wall.

Finally, the Ski Resort expansion is one found at the top section of the map. You won't need to do anything out of the ordinary to expand to it - just add citizens to your town and collect Zoning Permits as normal. Then again, that's a process in and of itself.

Again, you'll have six full days to complete this goal once you manually push "Start" on the timer in your game. However, since the Ski Resort is readily visible before you ever begin, you'll know exactly where you need to expand to and can plan ahead with spawning more citizens or earning more Zoning Permits. Make this goal easier on yourself by doing everything you can before you actually start it, and you'll have that much higher of a chance of actually finishing it in time. Your rewards for doing so are the actual Ski Resort itself and 12,000 coins. Good luck!

Will you participate in this timed goal, even though it "forces" you to expand your land into a place you may not have wanted to yet? Sound off in the comments.