Pioneer Trail Sugar N Spice Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

If you thought the passing of Christmas meant an end to the slew of timed goals we've received this month in Pioneer Trail, then think again. Another timed goal has been released today, with Nettie asking for your help with some last-minute baking. The goal is called Sugar N Spice, and you must be Level 15 to access it. If you're passed that point, you'll have five days to complete this goal when you manually start the time limit on your Homestead. Here's what's required of you:

Collect 20 Festive Decor
Collect 20 Holiday Eggs
Collect 20 Snowy Vanilla

You'll need to ask for plenty of help from friends to finish off this goal, but once you finally do collect all 60 items, you'll be rewarded with a Big Present (that can be opened after you remove it from your inventory), 20 Candy Canes and 500 XP. Remember, you have the option of beginning this goal at any point from now up until January 31, which gives you plenty of time to procrastinate if you're trying to finish off some other tasks in the game first. Good luck!

Will you start this timed goal as soon as it rolls around to your account? Sound off in the comments.