Monopoly Hotels offers hot towels and frozen waffles on iOS

Ok, so Monopoly Hotels may not be your typical hotel (I know it's disappointing, as I enjoy a comfy hot towel every now and again myself), but it does offer very familiar gameplay in a mobile setup on your iPhone or iPad. After logging into EA's Origin social network, you'll be introduced to the gameplay by Mr. Monopoly himself. Instead of being played on a flat game board, here Monopoly Hotels offers you an inside peak to the different properties traditionally found on a game board. That is, you'll start with Mediterranean Avenue and Baltic Avenue and will then move your way around the "board" opening more and more hotels that become larger and more extravagant as you go.

The object of the game is to create a bustling hotel network by combining rooms of different sizes to make a profit. The gameplay is straight out of Hotel City (which is coincidental, as Playfish / EA closed that particular Facebook game down for its lack of profitability), with you being asked to combine guest rooms with "attractions" and decorations, along with some VIP rooms. Your network starts out small, with a few guest rooms and a business or two (a Cupcake Shop or Theater are nice places to start), and you'll eventually move onto businesses like Casinos or Salons.

Each room has its own individual timer, allowing you to earn Monopoly Money as profit and experience points to level up over time. You'll unlock new rooms as you increase your level, and will be able to spend your profits on additional hotels or perhaps a more luxurious set of rooms (which will, in turn, increase your overall profits). Gold serves as the game's premium currency, allowing you to unlock not only basic premium content, but also content based on several Hasbro properties like Mr. Potato Head or Littlest Pet Shop.


As you build more rooms, you'll unlock small missions to complete (like building particular kinds of rooms within the same hotel), or may even be visited by Jailbirds (thieves) that can be tapped on for extra cash. Over time, you'll also have to pour some money into utilities like the Electric Company to keep the lights on in your hotels. Luckily, you'll have a constant supply of cash on hand, either through the profits that your rooms generate, or simply by tapping on the money that falls from the sky.

In this early state, Monopoly Hotels doesn't offer any social features; however, the game's menu is ready for them, as we're told that we'll soon be able to visit our friends' hotels and check out an overall leaderboard tracking our progress against other players (hopefully on a global scale). As it stands right now, Monopoly Hotels is only available on the Canadian iTunes store, but if the gameplay looks interesting to you, make sure to check out the game when it comes to the US in the near future.

Are you excited to try out Monopoly Hotels on your iPhone or iPad? What do you think of EA trying the "Hotel City" gameplay formula again under the Monopoly banner? Sound off in the comments.

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