Lunchtime Poll: What was your favorite Facebook game of 2011?

Joe Osborne

As the legendary John Lennon put it: "Another year over, and a new one just begun." (Not the most iconic quote, but who doesn't love old John?) And 2011 saw some of the greatest social games the industry has seen to date. From The Sims Social giving the Zynga empire a run for its money to CastleVille bringing a much-needed update to the (still) tired 'Ville formula and everything in between, we'd say this year was pretty damn awesome to be a social gamer.

If you're a fan of more action-packed games, there was Fruit Ninja Frenzy and Deep Realms. Those looking for more intriguing, perhaps cerebral experiences could enjoy hits like Draw My Thing and Gardens of Time. And folks looking for something completely different had shockers like Dreamland and MapleStory Adventures.

But we want to know what you think was the best of the best. Based on what our favorites of this year were, let's see which top Facebook game you loved the most:

Was your favorite Facebook game of 2011 not included on our list? Then share your favorite with us in the comments. Add Comment.