FarmVille Ice Palace: Everything you need to know

A massive new building project has launched in FarmVille this evening, both in size and complexity of the item in question. That item is the large Ice Palace, the base of which will be given to you for free when logging into your game. Once you place the Ice Palace, you'll quickly see that it has a striking resemblance to the Santa's Sleigh Christmas item, or any other upgradeable building project seen in the game over the past few months.

You'll need to collect a series of three building materials to start: 12 Snow Bricks, 12 Snowflakes and 12 Ice Nails. This gives you a Level 1 Ice Palace, that can be harvested from once per day to earn a single Magic Snowflake. What's the significance of this Magic Snowflake? As of this writing, there isn't one, but we're given a chance to stock up on some now, as they'll be needed soon in a new Magic Snowman.

As you might expect, you can earn these items by asking friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them outright for a single Farm Cash per individual ingredient. As you upgrade your Ice Palace (there are six Levels in all), you'll be able to collect more and more Magic Snowflakes from it each day. Levels 1 and 2 give you a single Magic Snowflake, while Levels 3 and 4 give you two Snowflakes. Level 5 offers three Snowflakes, and finally, Level 6 gives off 4 Snowflakes with each collection.

Just what will those Snowflakes actually be used for? Will they simply make the Magic Snowman grow taller, or will they be used in some sort of prize redemption feature? We'll make sure to let you know when we have the answer to that question and more concerning this event, so keep checking back with us.

Are you excited to build your Ice Palace in FarmVille? What do you think the Magic Snowman feature will entail? Speculate with us in the comments!