CityVille: Land expansion requirements lowered due to popular demand

Or were they? Via an announcement by ZyngaCityVille Community Manager Clerk Casey on the official CityVille forums, the population requirements for adding new land expansions to your city have apparently been lowered. However, some users are reporting increases in their stats.

As a bit of background, we've been seeing glitches and bugs (or even deliberate changes) in the in-game algorithm that determines how many citizens a players needs to add to their city before being allowed to expand for some time now. After the Halloween Monster event, which saw two separate populations becoming one, it was quickly apparent that something wasn't quite right as player after player saw their population requirements go from 1,000 - 5,000 all of the way up to 10,000 or more in a single day. With a game as large as CityVille, it would be impossible for Zynga to please everyone, but it does seem like these outrageous numbers (in my own previous experience, I would have needed over 41,000 citizens for a single expansion) have been lowered, but what of those users on the forums that report increased figures?

Even if the algorithm has been "fixed," it leaves us with the recurring question of just "how much is too much?" Many users have reached an in-game level where each land expansion requires at least 5,000 new citizens to unlock. Is that too much to ask for a single piece of land, even with the introduction of building storage (via Neighborhoods and the like)? Many users on the forums say yes, but will Zynga listen? We'll let you know if things finally become a bit more reasonable if and when they do.

What's your stand on the issue? Are you happy with the new balance Zynga has apparently struck with land expansion population requirements, or will this eventually cause you to quit playing the game altogether? Sound off in the comments.