Look and Feel Good Series: Five Solutions For Pre-Interview Jitters

interview nervous tipsPreparing to enter the job market can be an exciting experience, but can also bring on nervousness and stress. Calm your pre-interview jitters and get "the edge" with the following helpful tips:

Sweaty Palms

Quite often, an interview begins with a hand shake. If you're prone to sweaty palms, here's how to avoid an embarrassing hand shake. While waiting, rest your hands "palms down" on your lap. When the interviewer extends a hand, your hands will be sweat-free.

Body Language

The interviewer is meeting you for the first time, and nerves can surprisingly affect body language. Suppress nervous "twitches" such as: Rattling nails or drumming on the table, playing with your hair, twitching your leg, playing with a pen...you get the idea. Keep feet planted firmly on the floor and hands rested on your lap.

Too Much Talking

In the media, dead air is not a good thing. For my job as a guest beauty and age-proofing expert on radio or TV, speaking quickly and concisely is quite common; given a segment may be only two short minutes in length. However, during the job interview, speaking quickly or too much, may be a sign of nervousness or give the impression that you're not a good listener. Take a beat, speak clearly and concisely, and sprinkle in some of your dazzling charm.

Pre-Interview De-stressing Tip

Stress can cause the pitch of your voice to rise. The following quick tip can help you feel and sound "chill-axed": Prior to your interview, sit in a quite place such as your car, and simply "drop" your shoulders. Next, close your eyes, and breathe slowly, counting to four as you breathe in and as you breathe out. Counting to four helps draw attention away from stressful thoughts. Remember to keep your shoulders down as you breathe. This technique "shuts off" the stress hormone, cortisol, and keeps you feeling and sounding calmer. Another bonus of this ritual is that when cortisol is halted, you prevent weight gain in the abdominal area.

Rescue Remedy

Prior to your interview, taking oral homeopathic Rescue Remedy can help calm nerves and naturally uplifts mood. It's available in drops or pastilles at all health food stores.

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