House of the Day: Taste Life in a Real Gingerbread House

Why fumble with candy canes and cookie sheets when you can just buy your very own gingerbread house? It just so happens, though, that this confectionery cabin takes a mortgage and a hefty down payment.

That's because this home, which profiled recently, is built of uncut stone, not burnt cookies. Sited on a plot of land that would normally accommodate 10 townhouses, "The Gingerbread House" sits where it has for nearly 100 years -- in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, which our friends at are apparently disinclined to visit.

A famous work of James Sarsfield Kennedy, the 5,746-square-foot home does seem to capture the rustic, fairytale look of your typical gingerbread house. The roof has rolled edges, and the exterior is composed of uncut stones of varying shapes and sizes.


This one is a tad more expensive than its scaled-down counterparts, however: The home is listed at an upscale $12 million. The interior scores even higher on the craftsmanship meter: "... see embedded artwork throughout, pictorials set into walls, scenes on antique leaded windows," the listing description sings. The place actually looks less playful than fancy: The two photos reveal an interior with coffered ceilings, paneled mahogany walls and other hallmarks of luxury refinement. The home has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, three fireplaces, a basement and a garage.

Bill Radtke and Peter Noonan of Brown Harris Stevens have the listing.

There are only three other listings in Brooklyn, N.Y. that are pricier than the Gingerbread House. Click on the images below to see them:

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