FarmVille New Year Items: Party Hat Tree, Glitter Horse and more

With Christmas having come and gone, you might think that the folks at Zynga would take a few days off for the holidays. That's not so, as there's another holiday coming right up: New Year's Eve / New Year's Day! This holiday brings with it a new item theme in the FarmVille store, complete with some re-released items and plenty of new items for your farms.


Confetti Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Disco Ball Tree - 15 Farm Cash
Party Hat Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Party Hat Tree - 14 Farm Cash

With these trees, the Confetti and Disco Ball pair are re-released items, so you might already have one or both in your collection. As for the Party Hat Trees, you only need to purchase the original-sized Party Hat Tree if you want the Mastery Signs for both, as you can receive Giant Party Hat trees for free from Mystery Seedlings.


New Year Chicken - 18 Farm Cash
New Year Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Giant New Year Squirrel - 12 Farm Cash
Glitter Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Silver Dragon - 20 Farm Cash
New Year Squirrel - 10 Farm Cash
Dalmation - 2.5 million coins

Here, you see plenty of animals dressed up to celebrate New Year's Eve with fun hats or headbands. Yet again, we're also seeing animals in this theme (the Dalmation) that really have nothing to do with the theme, but are simply available for coins for those that are interested in saving Farm Cash.


Party Barn - 15 Farm Cash

Don't get this one confused with the Party Barn that was released last year - it's a completely new building used for decoration on your farm(s).


Firework Owl - 14 Farm Cash
Firework Fountain - 14 Farm Cash
Confetti Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Fireworks III - 100,000 coins

This firework is actually another re-released item (although last time it cost Farm Cash). If you've never used a firework on your farm(s), it's a one-time-use item that animates with a fun light show, but ultimately disappears from your farm after the fact. Worth the coins? We'll leave that up to you.

Avatar Clothing

Gold Party Dress - 10 Farm Cash
Silver Tuxedo - 5 Farm Cash
Silver Top Hat - 5 Farm Cash

Each of these items are re-releases from previous years, so if one or more don't show up in your farm this year, you likely purchased it/them last year and they'll be found in your in-game closet.

All of these items will be available for the next two weeks, so make sure to shop now so that you don't miss out on these items entirely.

What do you think of this year's New Year theme so far? Which items will you purchase for your farms? Sound off in the comments.