FarmVille Mystery Game (12/26/11): Rainbow items come back around

Back in July, the FarmVille Mystery Game was filled with rainbow animals. This week, we're seeing the year end with a similar series of animals and even a gnome up for grabs in the rainbow theme. For this week's game, each dart costs 20 Farm Cash, which is up from the "normal" price point of 16 Farm Cash. You'll have a chance of winning one of six animals for each dart thrown (and you'll receive a free dart for logging into the game, if you login soon); here's the full lineup:

Rainbow Elephant
Rainbow Goat
Rainbow Horse
Rainbow Pegasus
Rainbow Pig
Rainbow Sheep

If you're going for one of each animal, remember that this could be a very costly process as you're likely to win up with duplicates before you actually win one of each animal. If you do end up with a full set of this week's animals, you'll receive a special prize for doing so: the Rainbow Gnome. Unfortunately, this puts Gnome Collectors in the expensive position of purchasing a slew of animals that they may not even want, just to fill in the hole in their Gnome collection. If you're one of those collectors, just make sure you have plenty of Farm Cash on hand before going after this one, and good luck!

Which of this week's Mystery Game animals do you want to win most? Did you throw a dart at this week's board? If so, what did you receive? Sound off in the comments.