Adventure World 12 Days of Adventure Day 11: Everything you need to know

With the 12 Days of Adventure event in Adventure World, we're now down to the final two Expeditions, which actually seem to be getting easier, the closer we get to the end. With Day 11, Eleven Blocks-a-Pushing, we're left with a fairly energy-intensive Expedition, but nothing truly difficult. You can start this Expedition whenever you'd like, even if you already have others running in your game. Let's get started.

Day 11: Eleven Blocks-a-Pushing

  • Ask for 8 Bags of Cinnamon Candy

  • Place 8 Bags of Cinnamon Candy in Holiday Boxes

  • Push 11 Presents to knock them off of the cliff

The 11 special presents are those red and green wrapped packages that sit on push tracks. You'll want to navigate this cliff top so that you can push the blocks down to the weak spots at the end of their paths, causing them to fall through the mountain. There may be snakes or debris in the presents' paths, so you'll need to first eliminate those before continuing to push the presents. Meanwhile, the Bags of Cinnamon Candy come from individual requests sent to friends. The green and yellow holiday boxes are down some rocky stairs and guarded by more snakes, so make sure you have plenty of energy before going to fill them.

Once you finish this 11th Expedition in the 12 Days of Adventure Event, you'll receive a Santa Hat for your avatar. This hat comes complete with a bushy white beard, completing your Santa costume (that is, if you've also finished Days 8 and 9 in this event). There's only one Expedition left folks! Check back with us soon for a complete guide!

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