Adventure World 12 Days of Adventure Day 10: Everything you need to know

While Christmas may have now come and gone, there are still three days left of adventures to complete within Adventure World's 12 Days of Adventure event. Luckily, all three of these are now available to start at once, without requiring a slew of Supplies to start. Let's dive right into Day 10 of the series, called Ten Whips-a-Swinging.

Day 10: Ten Whips-a-Swinging

  • Ask for 5 Bags of Jelly Beans

  • Place 5 Bags of Jelly Beans in Holiday Boxes

  • Collect 10 Green Vases

Since Christmas is already over, it looks like Zynga is giving us a break on finishing up these Expeditions, as this one isn't as complicated as some of the Expeditions seen previously in the event. The Jelly Beans are earned through a general news post shared on your wall, while the Green Vases are scattered around this map, blocked by debris or snakes, but are mainly just "hard to reach" because you need to swing over gaps with your whip. In fact, if you didn't have to wait for your friends to send you the Bags of Jelly Beans, it's entirely possible that you could finish this entire Expedition in a single sitting.

Either way, when you do finally finish the tasks for Day 10, you'll receive five Snake Bait for use in other Expeditions. This one's really easy, so what are you waiting for?

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