FarmVille: Open your Holiday Tree presents now!

For the last few weeks, we've been collecting presents for our holiday trees in FarmVille like mad, with the knowledge that once Christmas hit, we'd be able to open up each of those presents to be rewarded with plenty of goodies inside. Well, if you can now tear yourself away from the "A Christmas Story" marathon on TV to play FarmVille, you can now start opening up all of those gifts! Of course, if you can't play FarmVille right now, we're still here to give you a preview of the things you'll find inside those gifts.

Here's a look at some of the items inside:

Giant Poinsettia Tree
North Pole Sign
Caroling Cow
Horse Snowglobe
Teddy Bear Snowglobe
3 Pack of Turbo Charges
Caroling Snowman
Lump of Coal
Frozen Fountain
Poinsettia Tree
Blue Soldier
Fertilize All
Caramel Bear
Rail Spike
Gold Candle Set
Caroling Goat
Ice Cat
Snow Fort
Watering Can
Snowy Trough
Rail Tie
Green Nutcracker
Caroling Sheep

There are plenty of other gifts available to win by simply "Looking inside" your Holiday Tree on your farm and then hovering over the gifts at the bottom of the tree. This will automatically open the gifts you hover over, placing your prizes into your Gift Box. You can have a maximum of 1,000 gifts inside your tree, so if you've received close to that, you'll hover over items for quite some time before actually opening them all. Merry Christmas!

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What sorts of prizes have you received from your Holiday Tree? Which items are you the most excited about receiving? Sound off in the comments.