Pioneer Trail New Year's Sale: Hit the new market for seasonal treats

As has been the case for the past few holidays in Pioneer Trail, we've seen a new market launch in the game, separating some themed content from the rest of the market. For Christmas and onto New Year's, we've seen the winter items (along with plenty of the game's newest animals) thrown into a "Sale Market," where items are marked down from 20-80% off. There are four sections to the store: Expansions, Animals, Boosts and Tools. While some of the items in the store aren't actually on sale, they are marked as being "New," if you want an easier way to find them (the Coati, Northern Porcupine and White Tailed Deer for instance).

As for the Boosts section, you'll find items like Mastery Boosts, Beef Jerky, Quick Draw Quaffs, etc. also on sale, with prices ranging from 2 Horseshoes (for the Master Faster 1 Hr Boost, which is 80% off) to almost 100 for the Triple Mastery 24 Hr Boost, which is still 40% off. The tools section contains a Mulit-Planter 2x4 for 75 Horseshoes (that's half off) and the Rejuvenation Plant for its normal price of 179 Horseshoes (I know, I'm bummed it's not half off too).

There isn't an in-game time limit listed for when this sale will expire, but it'd be a fair guess that it won't last more than a few days into the New Year itself. Shop now while you still can!

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Will you purchase any items in Pioneer Trail's New Year / Christmas Sale? Sound off in the comments.