CastleVille: Redeem Zynga Game Cards for 30% more Crowns

If you're giving or think you might be receiving a Zynga Game Card this holiday for redemption within Zynga's newest Facebook game CastleVille, you'll want to hurry and redeem that card as quickly as you can come Christmas. Why? Well, we're seeing the first real Crown sale in the game, which actually isn't really a sale at all. You see, for every Zynga Game Card (regardless of value) redeemed for Crowns within the game, you'll receive 30% more Crowns.

Zynga likes to call these events sales, but as I've said in the past, you're not really saving money. The full value of your Zynga Game Card will still be redeemed (so you'll still spend the same real world money), but you'll just receive 30% more Crowns than you would have normally. This promotion will last until December 27, giving you just a couple of days after Christmas to decide which game to redeem your cards in. If you choose CastleVille, know that you'll get more for your money, but make sure you check out other games as well, as it's unlike Zynga to throw such a promotion in one-game-only.

We'll make sure to let you know if other premium currency, "Cash" sales launch in other Zynga games, so keep checking back with us!

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Will you purchase a Zynga Game Card to receive 30% more Crowns when you redeem it? Sound off in the comments.