CastleVille: More winter items now available in the store


In addition to the two sets of Christmas-themed goodies that have been released in CastleVille's marketplace this month, a new set of more generic Winter / Snow-themed items has now also been released. This set consists of items like a complete Reindeer Outfit for your avatar (Reindeer Antlers, Dress and Blouse all priced between 6-9 Crowns each), some snowmen, and even a standard Clydesdale horse.

Most of these items do cost Crowns, but other go for coins, and can even boost your Castle's level rating (depending on the item you choose). They're all marked as being available for a limited time, but we haven't been given an exact time frame for their departure. If I had to take a guess, I'd assume that these snow/winter themed items will disappear from the store after the Christmas-themed items. Perhaps just after the beginning of the new year? If we find out any more details about their time limit (or find that any of them are required for upcoming quests), we'll make sure to let you know.

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Have you already decorated your Kingdom with plenty of holiday and winter themed goodies? Which of these new items will you purchase for your avatar or Kingdom? Sound off in the comments.