Views On Employee Loyalty Shift With Generations [Infographic]

employee loyalty views generationsMuch has been written about the how different generations perceive work differently. Baby boomers are largely credited with changing the way in which many Americans work, while those younger -- Gen Xers and millennials -- are credited with bringing new attitudes toward the concept of work.

Data recently gathered by Mercer affirms perceptions that younger employees see things differently than older workers. The consulting firm's latest "What's Working Survey" shows that younger workers often view work-related issues in a brighter light than their older counterparts.

Yet despite expressing greater satisfaction with their employers, Mercer found that younger workers are also much more likely to be seriously considering leaving their current jobs.

"These findings present a real dilemma for employers," says Colleen O'Neill, talent-management leader for North America at Mercer, in a statement about the findings. Companies must determine which strategy to pursue in their effort to woo and keep younger workers, she says.

"Do they simply accept that young talent is going to leave no matter what the organization has to offer," O'Neill says. "Or do they invest time and resources in an attempt to change the views and employment habits of their younger workers?"

Ultimately, employers must develop an understanding of what they need to offer younger generations of workers to ensure that they stay long-term, she says.

For more on different generations' attitudes toward work, check out the infographic below.

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