The Sims Social: 40% off SimCash for a limited time

If you're looking to deck the halls of your Sim's virtual abode in the Sims Social on Facebook, you can now do so for a bit cheaper, at least when it comes to spending SimCash, the game's premium currency. From now until December 26, all SimCash packages are 40% off their normal prices, in honor of the Christmas holiday.

This Christmas sale sees the cheapest SimCash package now being just $3, but if 35 SimCash isn't enough for you, here's a look at the other packages that are available:

  • $3 (normally $5) - 35 SimCash

  • $6 (normally $10) - 72 SimCash

  • $12 (normally $20) - 150 SimCash

  • $24 (normally $40) - 320 SimCash

  • $60 (normally $100) - 900 SimCash

Again, this deal expires on December 26, so if you want to get your hands on some of the new "Festive Chic" items just released in the store, there's really no better way to do it than this.

As an aside, if you happen to purchase a Playfish Cash Card and wish to redeem it within the Sims Social, you won't receive 40% extra SimCash, but you will receive 25% extra for free, through a separate promotion currently being help on the Playfish website. This particular promotion lasts all of the way up to January 10 of 2012, so if you receive a Cash Card for Christmas this weekend, make sure to redeem it in time for extra premium currency in the game of your choice!

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Will you purchase SimCash in Sims Social while it's 40% off, or do you already have enough SimCash to last you into the new year and beyond? Sound off in the comments.