Gardens of Time: Celebrate the New Year with Winter Wonderland chapter

If you've already finished the Chauncey's Christmas Carol premium chapter in Gardens of Time, but still want to spend time celebrating the holidays in the game, you can now purchase a new Chapter in the game celebrating winter and the new year: Lulu's Winter Wonderland. This chapter doesn't cost Gold; instead, it costs Time Crystals - 5, to be exact. Also, you won't need to have completed or even purchased Chauncey's Christmas Carol to have access to this. If you need more Time Crystals, you can ask your friends to send some to you via general news posts on your wall. Each friend that helps gives you 2 Time Crystals.

Once you purchase it, you'll have access to three new scenes, containing views of both winter and New Year-themed events. You'll also unlock a series of quests that limit your access to two scenes of the three to start. You'll still have access to Times Square Ball Drop, but will need to master it to a few stars, before moving on.

Like in other limited edition Chapters in Gardens of Time, you'll earn limited edition items for mastering the three scenes here to four stars. The ultimate prize for completing this chapter and its quests is the Winter Castle. You'll need a lot of Time Crystals to repeatedly complete each scene to earn mastery, so make sure your friends are on board for helping you out in this limited time event. Good luck!

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Have you already purchased this chapter in Gardens of Time, or are still trying to decide if the rewards are worth all of this extra work? Sound off in the comments.

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