In A Very FarmVille Christmas, everyone gets their holiday wish [Video]

A Very FarmVille Christmas
A Very FarmVille Christmas

Sure, it's nothing but a big old advertisement for Zynga's FarmVilleWinter Wonderland expansion content. But this new animated short from the San Francisco-based developer is nothing short of impressive. This conclusion to "A Very FarmVille Christmas" speaks to the fact that Zynga has some of the best Flash animators around., at least from our experience.

While there's not much in the plot department, what did you expect from FarmVille? At the very least, the fine voice acting--again, for what amounts to a kids' Christmas special--gives the various animals of the game some much welcome character. When we last left the FarmVille animals, they had sent their wishes to Santa.

No sense in giving away the details, but as it turns out, everyone gets their holiday wish. And it's all thanks to FarmVille's most beloved critter. (Of course, Jennifer Garner appears at the tail of this video, too, asking players to hop into Winter Wonderland and contribute to her cause, Save the Children.) Merry Christmas, folks, and we'll see you before the New Year.

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