CastleVille Storage Cellar Quests: Everything you need to know


As we told you earlier this week, item storage has finally come to CastleVille, bringing with it a five-part quest series that will see you feeding animals, building and storing items in your Storage Cellar, growing crops and more. There's a storyline to go along with these goals. Apparently, the Duke thinks a disaster is coming, and is going out of his way (in outlandish fashion) to make sure everyone (and everything) is safe from peril. Here's our guide to clearing these give quests.

The End is Near?

  • Visit 6 Neighbors

  • Feed 10 Animals

  • Have a Storage Cellar

You don't need to do anything when you visit your neighbors' kingdoms, so just rapid-fire visit six in a row to finish this task. You can also feed any animal you like, so just feed 10 animals (in your own Kingdom, of course) that are ready. Finally, you'll need to build the basic Storage Cellar using 15 Stones and 15 Wood Logs. Finishing this quest gives you 300 coins and 3 XP.

Save for the End of Time

  • Store 5 Items in your Storage Cellar

  • Harvest 25 Crops

  • Fish 6 times

Grapes are a quick crop to grow if you're looking to complete this task as quickly as possible. In addition, you can freely visit your friends' kingdoms and fish in their ponds. Even if you don't actually receive water (the goal states that you're fishing in order to do so), your progress still counts. To store things in your Storage Cellar, check out the step-by-step process in our guide. Finishing this quest gives you 500 coins and 5 XP.

Digging Deeper

  • Upgrade your Storage Cellar

  • Craft 5 Wood Planks

  • Banish a Beastie in a Neighbor's Kingdom

The first upgrade to the Storage Cellar requires 10 Wood Planks, 10 Stone Blocks and 3 Coats of Arms (earned by asking your friends to send them to you). The Stone Blocks and Wood Planks can be crafted inside your Workshop(s). When you finish this quest, you'll earn 1,000 coins, 10 XP and an Energy Potion worth five points of energy.

Restoration Preparation

  • Buy 2 Sheep

  • Have 2 Animal Treats

A single Sheep costs 1,000 coins to purchase from the store. Animal Treats are purchased from the Consumables page in the store, with a single bag costing 30 Reputation Hearts. Finishing this simplistic quest gives you 100 coins and 10 XP as rewards.

More in Store

  • Upgrade your Storage Cellar to hold 200 items

  • Have 5 Tick Books

The Thick Books are earned by posting a general news item to your wall for friends to help you out. The Storage Cellar, meanwhile, will hold 200 items at Stage 3, so you'll need to craft or otherwise ask for the ingredients to upgrade it yet again. This is the final quest of the Storage Cellar quest line, and for finishing it you'll receive 1,500 coins, 20 XP and a Bottomless Pit. This item upgrades your Castle's level by just five points.

Overall, the entire Storage Cellar can eventually be upgraded to hold a maximum of 500 items. However, not all items can actually be stored. Items like animals, farm plots and trees or rocks that you've already interacted with can't be stored for instance. If you've never touched a rock or tree, however (say you just expanded and there were some in the new square of land), you can store those. For a full list of items that can't be stored, check out the game's official forums.

What do you think of the CastleVille Storage Cellar Quests? Are you excited we can finally store items in CastleVille, or are you regretting selling some things you used to have on your land? Sound off in the comments.