Adventure World Holiday Tree: Everything you need to know

In addition to the 12 Days of Adventure event currently taking place in Adventure World, you can now also place a Holiday Tree on your Base Camp. This Holiday Tree comes with a two-part mission series, the first step being called - you guessed it - Holiday Tree.

Holiday Tree
  • Place your Holiday Tree

This mission is simple enough, as you can hit the "Place" button within the window and place the Holiday Tree onto your Base Camp. The tree will only be a small sapling to start, and you'll need to collect presents with the help of friends to make it grow (and also unlock your access to special, exclusive holiday prizes).

Spirit of the Holidays
  • Collect 10 Presents
  • Redeem a Holiday Prize

Your first milestone in growing your tree will be to reach 10 presents. This unlocks the Holiday Candle and Poinsettia, and you'll be able to earn one for your Base Camp as soon as you earn those 10 presents. From there, the mission above may be over, but you'll have plenty of other prizes to earn within the tree.

Here's a rundown:

  • Holiday Candle - 10 Presents
  • Poinsettia - 10 Presents
  • Gingerbread Snake - 25 Presents
  • Tree Sweater (avatar) - 25 Presents
  • Elf Coat (avatar) - 50 Presents
  • Elf Pants (avatar) - 75 Presents
  • Elf Hat (avatar) - 125 Presents
  • Festive Standing Stone - 200 Presents
  • Snow Globe - 300 Presents

This Holiday Tree may have been released fairly close to Christmas itself, but we expect it to stick around for a fair bit after the holiday comes and goes. Personally, if this event doesn't last until at least the New Year I'd be shocked, but if we hear anything different about a time limit between now and then, we'll make sure to let you know.

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What do you think of this Holiday Tree event in Adventure World? Which of the prizes are you hoping to earn first? Sound off in the comments.
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