Adventure World 12 Days of Adventure Day 9: Everything you need to know

If you're an arachnophobic, you might not like the latest installment in Adventure World's 12 Days of Adventure event, as Day 9 is all about spiders! This Expedition is called Nine Spiders Biting, and it asks you to defeat nine Black Widow spiders in a dark cave underground. This cave is a network of islands and even a few traps and mine carts, so it will take a fair amount of energy to complete. Just remember, you don't need to store up any excess Supplies to access this Expedition, as you can begin work on it as soon as you'd like. Let's get started.

Day 9: Nine Spiders Biting

  • Ask friends for 12 Candy Canes

  • Place 12 Candy Canes in Holiday Boxes

  • Defeat 9 Black Widow Spiders

For this quest, the Candy Canes are earned through individual requests sent to each friend on your list. As usual, you'll then need to place those Candy Canes in the green and yellow gift boxes that, in this Expedition anyway, are all conveniently located on the center island of this map. However, there are some walls blocking a few of the paths out of the island, so you will need to lower them if you want to explore every inch of this map (defeating Black Widows lowers the panels). As for the spiders, you won't see them right away, as they'll drop down from the ceiling as other spiders have done in Expeditions. Each one has 14 hit points, so they're very energy consuming creatures if you haven't adequately upgraded your whip before going into this.

When you finish this Expedition, you'll be rewarded with a Santa Jacket that can be worn by your avatar. There are only three more Expeditions in this entire 12 Days of Adventure event, so keep checking back with us in order to not miss the finale!

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Have you completed all of the Expeditions in this event up until Day 9? What do you think of this particular Expedition? Sound off in the comments.