8 Stocks That Could Double in Value in 2012

Bank of America
Bank of America

It is unusual for a stock's price to double in a year, but several well-known companies' shares have done just that recently.

Netflix shares doubled in 2010. Apple's shares rose 145% in 2009 in the midst of a climb that eventually made it the No.1 public corporation in America based on market cap.

Most stocks that move up 100% in a year do so for one of two reasons: either because the company is getting purchased at a premium, or because of an extraordinary earnings or revenue event. The second was the case for Netflix in 2010, although the improvement in earnings reversed itself this year.

Naturally, investors would love to know which stock could be next. 24/7 Wall St. wants to help. They've compiled a list of S&P 500 companies whose stocks could double in 2012.

Their criteria led them to search for reasons a corporation might be expected to have an extremely positive earnings event, and signs that would make one an attractive target for acquisition. Some companies a ripe for takeover in 2012 are actually ones that did particularly poorly in 2011: Their share prices may have become depressed, but many still have valuable core assets.

Here are eight U.S. companies whose share prices could double over the course of 2012:


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