Zynga finds Words With Friends's perfect mate in the Nook Tablet

Nook Tablet
Nook Tablet

Hey, like Alec Baldwin said: "Words With Friends is for smart people." (Or was that "Captain Steve Rogers?") Zynga announced that its hit, cross-platform word puzzle social game, Words With Friends, has been released to Barnes & Nobles's Nook Tablet. What kind of person buys the Nook Tablet? Someone who likes to read. And what is someone who likes to read? Smart. Boom ... soul mates.

The game is available now in the app store on Barnes & Nobles's brand new tablet-meets-eReader device. This is another attempt by Zynga to expand its stable of games to new platforms. The San Francisco-based developer released some eight mobile games this year alone. And what better match than a word game on a device specifically for folks that enjoy words?

And this launch couldn't come at a better time, thanks to Mr. Baldwin. The 30 Rock star inadvertently (or did he?) endorsed the Scrabble knock-off by ... getting thrown off of a plane while playing it. Zynga quickly capitalized on the ordeal, tweeting at Zynga, "LET ALEC PLAY" within an image of the game that spelled out the words.

And this is far from the end for the Nook Tablet when it comes to games. The eReader-tablet hybrid also has numerous games coming to its store, like Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, Scrabble, Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots, Doodle Jump Christmas and much more. But we all know what the smart people are going to play on the smart people's device. Smarty pants.

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