The Sims Social enjoys the holidays in style in Festive Chic Week

The Sims Social Festive Chic Week
The Sims Social Festive Chic Week

Another week, another update to Playfish's The Sims Social. This fourth and final holiday-themed weekly update, Festive Chic Week, is all about looking your absolute best in time for Christmas. Lots of modern-style outfits and furniture has appeared in the game, painting Little Haven in the most cheery shade of red. Along with the usual myriad of goodies to buy are some quests.

However, not exactly in the same way they're normally presented. Rather than create some overarching storyline for this week's series of quests, Playfish went ahead and added different quests to complete each day throughout the week. (However, as of this writing, none of said quests have appeared in The Sims Social for this writer.) Each quest is promised to grant players fantastic rewards.

In addition to the slew of new items to collect (most of which for SimCash, sadly), Playfish has introduced a new Daily Bonus. On top of winning up to 10 SimCash every five days, players have the chance of winning up to two Mystery Boxes for logging in five days consecutively. In short, you'll be up to your knees in things to do this weekend in The Sims Social ... just remember this Sunday is family time.

[Image Credit: Playfish]

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