Pioneer Trail Energy Windmill: Everything you need to know

While Energy meals may be pretty easy to come across in Pioneer Trail, if you're an incredibly active player, you may not have a constant supply of meals on hand to readily refill your energy meter every time it depletes. What if you could add an item to your Homestead that would give you a complete refill everytime you used it? Actually, you now can as Zynga has released the Energy Windmill in the game.

This Energy Windmill doesn't introduce a lengthy, complex building project in the game; instead, it allows you to simply purchase the Energy Windmill for 195 Horseshoes. This initial purchase gives you a seven day "permit" of sorts, where you'll be able to click on the building and have your energy bar immediately refilled. You can use the Windmill as much as you want within those first seven days, but the building will remain inactive from then on unless you pay to refill it. A single week's refill costs 125 Horseshoes.

This is an incredibly costly feature, especially considering that you can earn so many kinds of meals for free (even if you have to purchase them with food). Still, if you'd rather forget about energy altogether while playing, this Energy Windmill will allow you to do just that... just don't forget that you'll lose this special power when the clock runs out on your seven day timer.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Will you purchase an energy Windmill for your Homestead in Pioneer Trail? Would you if the cost was cheaper? How much would you be willing to pay for its convenience? sound off in the comments.