Grave Maker will spook up Facebook, iPhone and Android next year

Grave Maker
Grave Maker

Grave Maker is a social game all about necromancy--now, that's a new one. YoYo Games has released a preview of its upcoming social game for Facebook, iPhone and Android (all at the same time). Grave Maker is a social game demo done right. It's certainly a work in progress, but what did you expect from a game that's not officially coming out until February 2012? That said, it's a promising concept.

London-based YoYo Games bills Grave Maker as "blending several classic Facebook genres into one freemium title." Unsurprisingly, you're a grave digger set out to fend off angry townsfolk--probably because, you know, you're raising the dead--with the ghouls you raise to defend your land. So, the play hook is simple: dig graves, raise new fiends, line up your deadheads and lead them to slaughter the living. Well, in the cutest way possible, of course.

As you succeed in fending off the citizens, you'll gain new types of undead to resurrect, and we imagine the crowds knocking at your gates will grow more formidable and larger. While it's certainly not the prettiest social game we've ever seen, Grave Maker is one of the more complex games in the genre built using HTML5.

And thanks to HTML5, players will be able to play the game on all three platforms interchangeably. This means that starting a game on Facebook, picking it up exactly where you left of on your iPhone, and finishing the same session back on Facebook again should be no problem. The reason we say Grave Maker is a "demo done right" is because the game doesn't offer anything for sale, and explains outright that this is a limited preview. If only more social game makers did such a thing.

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