FarmVille Pic of the Day: Greeting card farm, now with thumbs by Bhsoares

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Greetings cards have taken off in the FarmVille farm design community thanks to Faustino, who had made our Pic of the Day before Zynga officially chose his farm for their Farm of the Week. Imitators followed quickly, each with their own spin. Some have been farm-sized and others used it to season up smaller spaces. But one player, Bhsoares, evolved the greetings cards shtick by adding thumbs.

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A pair of partially constructed hands made out of hay bales hold a red frame that gives the 'card' its shape. The top corner of the 'card' fits snugly into the top corner of the farmland. Bhsoares left everything outside the red frame empty and changed the background to white to better aid the illusion that the farm exists inside the card. Below the card, "2011" is spelled out with Cherry Trees, which were free giftables up until last May.

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