CityVille Turbo Statue: Everything you need to know [Video]

While constructing businesses, homes and the like in CityVille isn't usually considered difficult (that is, the actual process of clicking to complete a building's frame), it can be a rather slow process. For that matter, each action you take in the game, whether that be tending crops, shipping boats, collecting rent from homes and so on forces you to wait through the slow blue progress bar that appears overhead. Some of these can last a few seconds, and while that might not seem like a lot, it can add up over time.

If you're ready to "speed up" things in your city (and are over Level 30), you can now do so with the Turbo Statue. This premium item can be purchased from the store for 144 City Cash. That's the equivalent of around $18 US, which means that while it isn't cheap, this item does pack one heck of a punch. Just what does it do? Well, it speeds up that little blue bar considerably, making most tasks complete almost instantly after you click.

All energy costs remain the same within the game; this update simply speeds up the actions themselves. It doesn't have an on or off switch, as it will act permanently so long as you have it "out" in your city. If you, for whatever reason, want to turn the speed boost off, you can store the Turbo Statue back in your inventory. Why you'd want to do that though is beyond me.

In order to really show off how much of a boost this offers, the folks at Zynga created a video showing a "before and after," if you will. You can check it out below.

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Will you purchase a Turbo Statue for your town in CityVille? If this 144 City Cash price is too much, what would you be willing to pay? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.