Cafe World: Having trouble with Winterfest goals? Have some presents


Over the past few days (or even weeks), Cafe World has been experiencing some rather upsetting bugs, in the form of goal actions not counting, progress not saving and more. Apparently, the issues have been so widespread that Zynga looks to calm frayed nerves by offering some free presents (it is the holiday season, after all) to all users, whether they've experienced any issues or not.

The first present is a Fantastic Spice Package, which includes a set of 10 Instant Thymes, 10 Quest Buster Thymes and 10 Mastery Maestro Thymes. The Mastery Maestro Thymes grant three extra mastery points for the dishes they're applied to, while the Quest Buster Thymes give you one free building materials or goal item that you need (whether or not those items are truly "needed" remains to be seen). This package is available starting today (December 22) and will only be given to each player once (that is, you can't keep refreshing the game to receive more and more free spices).

In addition, Double Mastery has been turned on in all kitchens, giving players double the mastery points on all dishes cooked and served through the end of the year. For Christmas Eve and Christmas itself, you're offered another boost. If you login between 12 PM Pacific on Christmas Eve (December 24) and 11:59 PM Pacific on Christmas itself (December 25), you'll receive a Holiday Spice Blast which is really just a package of 50 Instant Thymes.

There's another present that's also in the works, but we haven't been told exactly what that is as of this writing. Still, the prizes we have been promised are rather nice, seeing as though they're free. Have they made up for the issues we've faced in the game recently? You tell us!

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Well, what do you think of these prizes being given away in Cafe World? Have you experienced issues with the Winterfest feature, or any other feature in the game recently? Sound off in the comments.