Yeti Town, 6waves Lolapps' first iPhone game, looks terribly familiar

Yeti TownYeti Town, we know you from somewhere. Ah-ha! You look just like a Kindle-turned-Facebook (and Google+) game we know, Triple Town. It's no wonder that Ravenskye City maker 6waves Lolapps' first-ever mobile game landed the number two spot on the Top Free charts on the App Store. Well, that and it's 100 percent free to download for both iPhone and iPad.

Yeti Town is a free iPhone and iPad game in which players combine nearby, like items to create new items. For instance, combining three nearby saplings will create one tree, leaving room where the two other saplings once stood. However, yetis will invade your small wintry village, and move around if you don't trap them with other items like huts and trees. Once you do that, the yetis will become ice cubes, three of which next to each other create an igloo.

The game only ends when you run out of room, so artful planning is crucial. Players can connect to both Facebook and Game Center from within Yeti Town to play the game with their friends, share high scores and brag about achievements. Of course, you can buy premium items in the game with real money.
Yeti Town in action
However, replace "saplings" with "bushes", "tents" with "houses" and "yetis" with "bears". What do you get? Something that would look a lot like independent developer Spry Fox's Triple Town, only with much improved 3D graphics. This isn't to say that Yeti Town isn't a fine mobile game, but unfortunately, it's already been done before.

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What do you think of Yeti Town compared to Triple Town? Was this a smart move for 6waves Lolapps first foray into mobile? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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