Triviador USA on Facebook tests your knowledge of the land of the free

TriviadorOr the home of the unimaginably indebted brave--whichever you'd like to go with. THX Games PLC, a Hungarian developer (with zero web presence, it seems) has released a US-centric version of its self-proclaimed successful social game, Triviador. Think "Trivial Pursuit meets Risk, but on Facebook and in real time," and you're about right on the money.

Triviador, billed as a "strategy-trivia game," allows up to four players to compete for domination of the United States by successfully answering trivia questions all about this fine nation, including both commonwealths. (The original version is more like Risk in that it spans the entire globe.) In Triviador USA, players must successfully answer trivia questions if they want to invade new territories on the US map.

While the game is called Triviador USA, many of the questions have nothing to do with the United States at all, like "What action does the left hemisphere of the brain not control?" On the other hand, some questions are ... a bit too relevant to the US, such as "How many planes hit the Twin Towers on Sept. 11?" (That's not a joke.)
Triviador in action
On the whole, the majority of questions posed in its several rounds--initial rounds are to stake claim, while the latter rounds are to gobble up territory from other players--largely revolve around pop culture. While the game doesn't necessarily live up to the "USA" in its title, Triviador USA is a mentally stimulating, refreshing departure from the legion of simulator games on Facebook.

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